Medal of Honor: Warfighter launch trailer

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is now out in the US - sequel to the so-so reboot of the series that patriotically gunblammed its way through a homogeneous mass of life-weary Afghanis in 2010. And to celebrate the launch of the game, and its sun-eclipsingly huge day one patch , EA have revealed this launch trailer in which lots of things explode to the triumphant but poignant wail of electric guitars.

As one character says sagely, "We're going to take the fight to them - wherever they are, wherever they go." If you would also like to take some of this fight, possibly to a threatening but nonspecific them , check the video after the jump.

We've only just got our review code through (which usually indicates that the game's publisher considers it critic-proof or the very opposite of that), but we will get our impressions of the game to you as soon as possible.