Medal of Honor developer Danger Close is no more

DICE may be developing every single game at Electronic Arts that doesn't involve dribbling or scoring touchdowns, but where does that leave Danger Close, the developer known for making the recent Medal of Honor games? EA took the franchise out of rotation back in January, and it appears the developers have received the same treatment as well.

In an interview with Eurogamer , EA Games executive Patrick Söderlund verified that the developer had been disbanded and that many of the employees who worked there had been transferred to different areas at EA.

"Danger Close as it was doesn't exist anymore," Söderlund said. "There are people who left LA, people who work with DICE LA, and there are some who work in other parts of EA, as always when something gets dismantled."

We didn't care for the last two Medal of Honor games, but it's always a bummer to see a developer close its doors. We hope everyone who didn't find a job at EA lands on their feet, and that everyone finds more success in the future.