MechWarrior Online will be fully operational by the end of Summer

I still haven't seen a single groundhog, but people are already talking about Summer, let alone Spring, like we're absolutely certain it's going to happen. Yesterday, Piranha Games gave us another reason for this damnable Winter to shuffle off and give Spring/Summer their due: the launch (proper) of MechWarrior Online . As revealed at GDC, the stompy multiplayer shooter will exit beta in late Summer, more specifically "no later than" September 21st. Well that is the last official day of Summer.

Before its balmy launch, the team are hoping to add a number of new features. Firstly they aim to increase the number of mechs in-game from 8-on-8 to 12-on-12, something that will happen in "the next 60 days". The user interface is also getting a bit of spit-and-polish, which should go well with the revamped community warfare features. You'll soon be able to pledge your allegiance to various houses from the BattleTech universe, including Bungalow, Semi-Detached and... OK, so I'm not exactly au fait with BattleTech.

Thanks to Joystiq .

Tom Sykes

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