MechWarrior Online implements cosmetic customization, AI voice-over, map variant

Mechmakers Piranha Games deployed an update yesterday to MWO's slowly-growing closed beta that adds CamoSpec, the all-important system for redecorating your mech. Well, technically our MechWarrior Online issue was the first way mech pilots could apply paint to their hulking man-panzers, but Tuesday's patch formalizes the system within the game. I took a minute to pop into the MechLab to check it out in the video below.

More importantly to BattleTech aficionados, though, may be the patch's addition of a familiar voice. The clichéd but comforting robotic female AI tones of " Bitching Betty ," as she's (affectionately?) known in the MechWarrior community, are finally integrated with last night's update. Your cockpit won't be as silent as it was before, especially as your mech boots up; Piranha sent along this special voice clip of Betty. The patch also plugs in a night version of the existing Frozen City map, which finally gives pilots a reason to tap the N key to activate nightvision.

Evan Lahti
Global Editor-in-Chief

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