MechWarrior news coming soon?

That trailer for a new MechWarrior game caused a stir among BattleTech fans when it came out, but since then there has been precious little news about the project. Now Blue's News (hat tip: Rock, Paper, Shotgun ) has seen some signs of BattleMech-related activity from Piranha Games' Russ Bullock .

On his Twitter account , Bullock has been talking a lot to MechWarrior fans, suggesting that real news might be coming soon. He also suggested that MechWarrior fans follow Piranha developer Bryan Ekman . Ekman says he has been working on "the coolest project we've worked on to date." Earlier today, he tweeted , "Each project is different, Duke Nukem Forever was super top secret, so we had all kinds of codenames. Mech is easier."

This certainly makes it sound like the new MechWarrior game is being developed in earnest, and hopefully an announcement will be forthcoming regarding who will publish the game, and what it will be like. When I talked with Jordan Weisman last year, he described a MechWarrior that would be focused on squad tactics and the kind of combined-arms warfare that fans of the tabletop game and novels are familiar with. Where previous MechWarrior games were largely about the player in a lone Mech taking on legions of enemies, the new game would be focused on the the four-Mech lance in the classic, pre-Clan BattleTech era.

Those of us whose love of MechWarrior led us into the board game and the novels have been waiting for just such a game. Hopefully that's the game Piranha is working on now.