Maybe don't buy this wacky keyboard with pen and card holders for Black Friday

A keyboard with pen holders.
(Image credit: Haooyun)

Two thoughts went through my mind when I first saw this keyboard, and they were "lol" swiftly followed by "lmao." This offering is from manufacturer Haooyun and is a wireless keyboard and mouse combo that raises more questions than it gives answers.

Take this from the description: "It can be waterproof." Well, can it or can't it? And where exactly are you planning to use this: the bath?

The keyboard is backlit for "an excellent visual experience in night operation," so Tom Clancy's Sam Fisher may be interested. Then we come to the jaw-dropper: You can only see it in the images because the description doesn't (or won't) mention it, but this is the first keyboard I've ever seen that includes a slot for your credit card, three pen holders, and a groove to stick your cell phone in.

This just seems bizarre, a Frankenstein's monster of a creation, put on Earth to make us wail in terror and run. And the worst part? "Mechanical feel," in other words, not mechanical at all.

"Special offer" $99

Wireless Gaming keyboard and mouse | Wrist rest | "Special offer" $99

Fly, you fools!

Look, if you really must have a Black Friday gaming keyboard deal with rainbow backlights, there are far better options out there. I quite like Razer's latest keyboards, but I've also happily used Corsair's offerings in the past, and the current discount on the K60 is one of the best bang-for-your-buck deals I've seen on keyboards so far this year.

Corsair K60 RGB Pro | Full-size | Cherry MX Low Profile mechanical switch (linear) | Per-key RGB lighting | $109.99

Corsair K60 RGB Pro | Full-size | Cherry MX Low Profile mechanical switch (linear) | Per-key RGB lighting | $109.99 $44.99 at Newegg (save $65 with coupon code BFDBY2A2344) This is a low profile mechnical keyboard with a whopping $75 off but, sadly, no pen holders. There isn't even anywhere to put your credit card. However, it does come with everything you'd expect from a high-end mechanical keyboard, and unlike other products we could name it probably won't crap out after two months.

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