Max Payne 3's Gang Wars multiplayer mixes things up

Max Payne Multiplayer Screenshot

In an age of tacked-on multiplayer modes, Max Payne 3 aims to be different. Developers/publishers Rockstar have added a “Gang Wars” multiplayer mode which adapts to the play style of its players.

According to IGN , Gang Wars will feature the standard capture-the-flag style scenarios, with the twist that new scenarios are created on the fly. For instance, complete a drug-deal-gone-wrong (they always go wrong, don't they?) mission as the dominant player and you'll find a bounty on your head in the next mission. Win some territory in one round, and you'll find yourself defusing bombs on it in the next.

In addition there are “Bursts” - power-ups which allow players to access Max Payne's infamous bullet-time, or “Paranoia”, which tricks the opposition into believing fellow players are the enemy. We'd like to be able to use that quote about “My enemy's enemy is my friend” here, but we're hungover and it's far too confusing.

It sounds like Rockstar is taking a radically different approach to the multiplayer element, and tying it into the single player game - Payne's baritone vocals will tell you what's going on. But we could see the variety putting off players who like to hone their mouse-and-keyboard instincts by playing the same mission over and over again.

Eight years ago, when Max Payne 2 was released, multiplayer was seen as an added bonus. Now it can make or sink a game. Let's hope Gang Wars does the former.