Master Chief Collection update shows off ultrawide support and some goofy bugs

Halo Master Chief Collection PC
(Image credit: 343 Industries)

343 Industries admits its July development update for the Master Chief Collection doesn't deliver much new information. But we do get a visual on ultrawide monitor resolutions, and better yet, a silly roundup of bugs that 343 says won't make it to launch day.

In the blog post, 343 shows pictures of the MCC running on ultrawide monitors as part of the customization options that it plans to bring to PC players. The above screenshot shows the game HUD centered on the screen while the second image in the post shows the HUD spread out to fill the corners of the screen. A centered HUD may look slightly less sleek but it sure is a lot less distance for your eyes to cover in a split second.

The blog post also has a section that shares videos of the best bugs found by the team during development. There are six in the blog post but I have to agree on the #1 pick by the developers: the worst checkpoint.

Few things are worse than pushing yourself to a checkpoint only to get stuck in an inescapable death loop. Fortunately, this is definitely a bug, not a feature. So we should be able to count on not getting stuck in this particular trap when we play.

The entire Master Chief Collection is expected to release by the end of 2019. Check out everything we know about it at that link.

Lauren Morton
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