Mass Effect: Andromeda release date seemingly leaked

Although originally slated for a 2016 launch, Mass Effect: Andromeda was pushed back to the fourth quarter of EA's 2017 fiscal year in March. All going to plan, this means the next slice of sci-fi role-playing should be with us between January 1 and March 31 of next year—and now it appears Dark Horse Comics has inadvertently uncovered exactly when. 

As spotted by Destructoid, an Amazon listing of the publisher's incoming The Art of Mass Effect: Andromeda states the book will be released "simultaneously with the game" which is due March 21, 2017. Having just checked Amazon's UK site, it suggests a launch date of March 23—which could point to a delayed release for the UK and Europe. 

Here's a screenshot of the US listing as it stands, at the time of writing: 

While unconfirmed for now, the dates do line up with EA's end of fiscal year suggestion. We've reached out for official confirmation nonetheless. 

BioWare's N7 Day—its annual Mass Effect celebratory event—is just around the corner on November 7 so we're likely to discover more then.