Mass Effect 3 trailers show weapon and armour customisation, epic space battles

[VAMS id="n0e4BXR059JY3"]

The Mass Effect 3 website has been updated with FIVE new trailers. The one above struck me as the most interesting to Mass Effect fans. It's the first we've seen of the upgraded weapon and armour customisation. Attaching better barrels, silencers and scopes will change the appearance of the gun as well as its stats. Armour values like shield regeneration, health regeneration are now easy to scan, making equipment easier to compare. Also, you can tailor your colour scheme and turn the little glowy bits pink, if you like.

The other four trailers follow, showing some of the biggest space war scenes we've seen yet, including a shot of a vast fleet of Reaper vessels swarming like angry space lobsters towards the alliance fleet. Epic stuff.

[VAMS id="8KSv0770b79rN"]

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