Mass Effect 3 demo coming for January

Mass effect 2 - Shepard and Mordin

Mass Effect 3 will get a pre-release demo in January, giving players an early look at both single player and the newly announced Mass Effect 3 multiplayer mode . The announcement was made in a post on the Bioware Forums , spotted by Eurogamer . Earlier access to the multiplayer will be available to anyone who has bought Battlefield 3 and activated their online pass (automatic for Orgin customers), although alternative methods of gaining access will be announced at a later date. The single player aspect will be available to anyone all when the demo is launched.

It's great to see a big budget game commit to a pre-release demo, an increasingly uncommon occurrence these days. With a lot of fans asking questions about the multiplayer it's a smart move from Bioware to give them a chance to try it out before the game launches on March 6th.