Mass Effect 3: this is female Shepard

Mass Effect 3 - Female Shepard

A few weeks ago, Bioware decided they'd let the public decide on the female shepard that will adorn the posters and other marketing materials for Mass Effect 3. After some controversy , it was decided that the wispy-fringed blonde Shepard would take the prize. "But female Shepard is clearly a redhead!" many cried, and so Bioware opened up a separate vote to decide on Shepard's final look. An overwhelming majority voted for the image below.

Of course, this isn't really female Shepard. The real Shepard is whoever you made in the character creator way back at the beginning of Mass Effect. As it turns out, my Shepard IS blonde. Let us know what you think of the final design for female Shepard, and tell me how wrong I am in the comments below. Click the image to see it full size.