Marvel Heroes developer rolls back broken 1.11 update

Fixing game crashes, optimizing memory usage and excising bugs like tumors are things most patches typically accomplish, but unfortunately for Marvel Heroes developer Gazillion, patching to version 1.11 of the game did much more harm than good.

Gazillion's community manager, Stephen Reid explained that after version 1.11 failed to work correctly (many people couldn't play the game), the team decided to revert to a previous build with a hefty, 5 Gb patch while it fixes version 1.11. Reid also said that people who didn't download the 1.11 patch still need to download this new one if they wish to play Marvel Heroes. Those who are strapped for bandwidth can wait until a working 1.11 patch is released, though they won't be able to play Marvel Heroes in the meantime.

Reid guessed it would take at least a couple days for Gazillion to find out what went wrong and how things went wrong in the first place.

"It's a mystery right now," Reid wrote in a forum post . "We were hoping it was an error in the deploy process, but we've been through that checklist and it's not the case. Clearly, 1.11 works on Test Center - feel free to play it there - so something else unexpected is messing things up. Software breaks. Game development is, contrary to popular belief, quite hard. We're not happy about it, at all - 1.11 is great - but we have to make hard choices now."