Marvel and Telltale Games have partnered up

The Marvel Universe

Continuing Telltale Games' campaign to hoover up every major entertainment license, the studio has announced a partnership with Marvel Entertainment. The company announced the news at an event in San Francisco today, but very little was revealed about the project itself, which won't premiere until 2017. We don't even know what platforms the game will release on, but I'd wager PC is a dead certainty.

Recent game adaptations of the Marvel universe haven't been too crash hot: aside from tie-ins with the Lego and Disney Infinity games, there's not much worth playing. It doesn't help that the last major Marvel game to release on Steam, Deadpool, was abruptly pulled from the shopfront last year.

Still, there's a hunger for good adaptations and Telltale is currently the go-to studio for projects like this: they're currently popping out Game of Thrones and Tales of the Borderlands instalments at a steady clip, and are also working on a Minecraft game.

Shaun Prescott

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