Mars War Logs trailer shows RPG skill trees, nothing else wood-related

Mars War Logs

Wait, you don't remember Mars War Logs ? Neither do I, actually. Developer Spiders delivered a gameplay trailer out of nowhere for the upcoming sci-fi RPG, and it takes a look at the surprisingly fluid-looking combat taking place on a terraformed Red Planet colony. I'm feeling a strong Witcher-meets-Arkham vibe here: kinetic, reactive attack combos supplemented with supportive abilities and a three-branched skill tree. Oh, and rolling. Lots of rolling.

But what else does War Logs have going for itself? Well, an epic pair of sideburns on main character Roy Temperance, for one thing. Beyond that, Spiders (whose previous project was the middling Of Orcs and Men) plans a crafting system and "dozens of skills and perks" for customization.

Have a look at the website for...well, not much at the moment beyond screenshots and a music video. More details should arrive leading into the game's spring release.

Omri Petitte

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