Mark of the Ninja and Don't Starve developer unveils tactical espionage game Incognita

Don't Starve has only just begun avoiding malnutrition post-launch and developer Klei Entertainment already has an entirely new project in the works.

Klei's new game, dubbed Incognita, is supposed to be a turn-based tactical espionage game and…that's about it. The developer's chosen to be rather cryptic about its latest game, offering only a tweet to the game's official site . There, you'll find the ability to sign up for the newsletter, download wallpapers, check out the game's forums (which are just as riddled with confusion), and prod at a numbers station-esque minigame .

Perhaps that numbers station minigame holds the key to unlocking the secret of Klei's latest game. Or, perhaps it's simply a fun distraction for you tenacious cryptographers out there—who knows? We'll keep our hilariously huge magnifying glasses handy as we search for more information in the meantime.

[Update — Ed.] IGN has a little more information from Klei founder Jamie Cheng, who says, "In the majority of turn-based games, positioning is your number one priority ... From our standpoint, we wanted to make a game where information is one of the key things that you want."

XCOM is an influence—permadeath and all—but as Cheng says, gathering intel in Incognita is the best way to keep your crew alive. "So you need to hack, secure security cameras, you need to find out where enemies are and be smart about it." Procedurally generated levels should make that a repeatable challenge.