Maker of Ashes of Creation wants to put "massive" back into MMOs

At PAX West 2017, Steven got a few minutes with Steven Sharif, founder of Intrepid Studios, to chat about Kickstarted MMO Ashes of Creation. "I'm planning on making massive games," Sharif said. "Putting 'massive' back in MMOs, honestly."

"We want to make it all about the player having agency over the direction of the narrative of the game," said Sharif. He spoke about Ashes of Creations' node system that will allow players to build small camps into towns and eventually into massive, booming cities, which will attract NPCs, open new story arcs, and even lead to player-run governments. 

You can hear about more of his plans for Ashes of Creation in the video above. Check out the rest of our continuing coverage of PAX West 2017 here.

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