Make some bad choices in Little Hope's interactive trailer

With Little Hope delayed until October 30, we've still got quite a bit of waiting to do before we can enjoy a spooky time in New England, but Supermassive has put together a quick interactive trailer to keep us on our toes in the meantime. 

The second episode in The Dark Pictures Anthology will put the fate of several playable characters in your hands. In the singleplayer and two-player modes you'll jump between them all, while the movie night mode will let up to five players muck around together. 

In the interactive trailer, we get to see a perilous situation from two different perspectives. As Andrew, you have to decide who to rescue when a creature crawls out of the water, and as Angela you have to choose what to do when faced with said creature. RIP Angela. 

Like Man of Medan, expect Little Hope to kill off its playable cast, at least if you're not careful, though in this case we can't know for sure that Angela meets her maker. Maybe the creature just wants someone to talk to—life can be lonely when you look like that. 

Eight games are planned, with the cadence originally expected to be once every six months. Man of Medan launched a year ago, though, so the gap between the first and second episodes has been considerably longer. Thankfully, they're all standalone affairs without any lingering mysteries or tense cliffhangers making the wait unbearable. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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