Make a TV show in Two Point Hospital's Culture Shock DLC

The staff at Two Point Hospital are run ragged as it is, and with the upcoming Culture Shock DLC, they'll also be responsible for resuscitating Two Point County's dying culture. They need a raise. 

In Culture Shock, Two Point Hospital's fifth piece of DLC, you'll still be responsible for the health of your patients, curing 12 new and exotic illnesses, building new treatment facilities and balancing the books so you can keep the lights on and the machines beeping. Each of the three new locations, however, also has some kind of culture crisis to solve. 

In Plywood Studios, you'll have to help launch a new medical drama, rubbing shoulders with TV stars while trying to make ER and Grey's Anatomy seem like amateur productions. When you're put in charge of Mudbury's hospital, meanwhile, you'll be expected to help out with a festival. The final location will let you live the high life in Fitzpocket Academy, where Two Point Studios says "art, glamour and hospitals come together."

Even if this is still ultimately a hospital sim, the studio setting of the first location is giving off major The Movies vibes. Management games are thriving at the moment, so if ever there was a time to take another crack at Lionhead's less celebrated but undeniably ambitious sim, it would be now.

After a couple of years of DLC, Two Point Studios is also no doubt looking for its next new thing, if it's not in development already. Two Point Hospital was meant to serve as a jumping off point for more management games set in Two Point County, so why not a movie or TV studio? I'm being very hopeful and speculating wildly, but maybe this is it testing the waters. 

Culture Shock is due out on October 20 via Steam, along with a separate Fancy Dress DLC. In the meantime, check out some more screenshots below. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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