Maingear launches a gaming chair as it expands into peripherals and accessories

In addition to gaming desktops and laptops, Maingear now offers a line to compete for the crown of the best gaming chair, and it's just the beginning of its product expansion. The boutique builder says it plans to offer "a range of new PC gaming components, peripherals, and accessories."

I reached out to Maingear for more information on exactly what kinds of products are on the roadmap, and will update this article when/if they share that information with me. In the meantime, let's talk about the company's new gaming chairs.

Maingear says it designed its new "FORMA" chairs in-house, so it's not a borrowed and rebadged product. Company founder and CEO Wallace Santos indicated in a Facebook post that the motivation for building a chair was the "poor experience" he had with other available solutions.

"I purchased a gaming chair for myself and within weeks it was already falling apart. That poor experience inspired us to design what is now the FORMA gaming chair. A gaming chair is the foundation of your gaming experience, and with FORMA we have given gamers the support and performance to be next. To make the experience even better we're also offering the industry’s best warranty by partnering with Micro Center stores, so gamers can go to their local store, easily avoiding any downtime," Santos says.

The warranty he mentions is five years. It doesn't cover wear and tear occurring during "normal use" or abuse (obviously) or modifications that users might make. Otherwise, it will swap out the chair if something breaks.

There three models available: Forma R Nero in red and black, Forma R Aspen in white and black, and Forma GT Nero in red and black. Both of the Forma R models have a recommended weight limit of 330 pounds, while the Forma GT bumps that up to 350 pounds. The Forma GT also has an "extra large" seat.

All three are built with a full steel frame and aluminum alloy base. They offer 165-degree reclining and full tilt capability, and have adjustable 4D soft armrests. They also feature a removable headrest and lumbar support.

The new chairs are available now for $349 direct from Maingear, and can also be found at Micro Center stores.

Paul Lilly

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