Lovely platformer A Hat in Time celebrates free modding update with quick sale

A Hat in Time was one of our favorite indie games of 2017, with Dominic calling it a rival to some of Nintendo and Double Fine's best ideas in his review (opens in new tab). Today, it got a whole lot bigger with the release of integrated mod support and improved modding tools as part of the free modding update. In celebration of the update, A Hat in Time is on sale on Steam (opens in new tab) for $20 (33 percent off) through 10 am Pacific Thursday, March 15. 

Not only are mods now more easily accessible, they directly factor into the core game: by playing mods and completing mod levels, you can earn 'rift tokens' and purchase cosmetics. Developer Gears for Breakfast says the very best mods may be integrated into the main game as well. In fact, two already have: Dye-able Main Game Hats by modder That Girl, and a German fan translation by a whole crew of creators.

"The creators of these mods have been compensated and credited for their fantastic work," Gears for Breakfast said in the update's announcement (opens in new tab). "We hope to include more amazing mods going forward." 

To kick-start their search for great mod content, Gears for Breakfast is hosting a community contest to create the best 'purple time rift' (think platforming dungeon). Creators have until April 27 to submit their map. The top 20 will be voted on by the community, then Gears for Breakfast will choose the top three and split a $1,000 cash prize between them ($500/$350/$150). You can find more contest information here (opens in new tab)

The modding update is now live on Steam and will come to GOG later next week. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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