Love gets private servers, moonlandings, drop ships and cheats

As we reported before , Love, a wildly ambitious, hugely complex co-op RTS-shooter on a dreamily-rendered, procedurally-generated deformable globe *in-take of breath* is getting private servers. And, as of now, they are freely available! Hurrah. Head over to the Love website for the lowdown.

But that's hardly the only thing Eskil's pulled out of his bag of tricks. Among a slew of incoming features, the game now features a dropship for you to ride and lets you jettison yourself from the planet's atmosphere and land on its moon. Because, you know, because.

Running a private server gives players the ability to modify the game quite heavily: not only can you configure it to run in a training mode without AI, but you can activate a cheat mode which gives you access to pretty much everything, allowing you to build custom levels and further fine-tune the experience.

Eskil also says a singleplayer release of Love will be released in the not too distant future, along with an update that introduces a brand new progression system, which lets you upgrade your character.

Hopefully, we'll be getting our own PCG server up in the next few days, but while you're waiting for that, why not have a look through Dead End Thrills glorious Love screenshots .