How to find Rudric in Lost Ark

Lost Ark rudric
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Looking for the world boss Rudric in Lost Ark? If you've managed to beat the queues, chosen your class, and started to explore Arkesia, you've likely found that there's a lot to learn in the long-awaited Korean MMO. 

While Jody's Lost Ark tips will help you make sense of a lot of the systems thrown at you from the start, you'll soon find many recognisable MMO elements that will have you feeling right at home. Fittingly, world bosses are a good example of this, so if you're having trouble with the Lost Ark Rudric location, here's how to find him.

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Lost Ark Rudric location: Where to find the world boss 

Rudric is likely to be one of the first world bosses you come across in Lost Ark, and you'll find him in the Rethramis Adventurer's Tome—this is essentially a list of activities you can complete in any given area. The Tome tells you he was once a high priest but it doesn't give you his location.

Rudric is found in the graveyard to the west of Regria Monastery, which makes sense considering his priestly background. He's pretty easy to spot as he has a huge lantern on his back, but if you can't find him in the immediate area, you may need to wait for him to respawn.

As with most MMO world bosses, Rudric can be killed by any players that find him, so if he's been killed recently, you might need to wait up to 30 minutes for him to reappear. You need a decent-sized group if you hope to defeat him, and that's where area chat can be helpful: announce his location and rally players to help you take him down.

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