Looks like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is coming to Game Pass

An image of character Phoenix Wright in the courtroom. He is adopting his signature, raised finger "Objection!" pose.
(Image credit: Capcom)

The delightful legal antics of the maverick Phoenix Wright look to be coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC soon, per a posting on the game's official Twitter. After the Dragon Quest account celebrated Dragon Quest XI S - Definitive Edition coming to Game Pass, the Ace Attorney account replied with the classic thinking face, 🤔, emoji. The Xbox Game Pass account posted a response all-but-confirming it.

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Tongue-in-cheek posturing by game accounts isn't really very uncommon on Twitter, where corporate accounts like to pretend to be relatable normal people even though they are definitely not.

Either way, getting Phoenix Write: Ace Attorney Trilogy onto game pass sounds like a great idea to us. It's a unique visual novel series that steps outside the genre's usual appeal into a wider audience by including the legal investigation, case, and trial angle. We gave it an 83 review score back on its 2019 PC debut, with our Malindy Hetfield saying that Phoenix Wright is "just what a visual novel should be—fun characters and the rush of solving mysteries make you eager to keep going." Superb.

Nice spot on this one, PCGamesN.

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