Looks like Flood Firefight is coming to Halo MCC this week

Halo Master Chief COllection Flood Firefight teaser
(Image credit: 343 Industries)

The developers at 343 Industries look to be teasing cooperative wave-survival mode Flood Firefight for this week. This new incarnation of the wave-based survival mode would let players take on hordes of the zombie-like Flood, rather than the alien Covenant.

"Next week, something new is on its way to MCC... 💀👀," said the official Halo Twitter account, alongside a nice big picture of a marine taking shots at some big gloopy Flood monsters.

Firefight, the wave-based cooperative survival mode present in Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach, has previously only been available as a survival mode against the Covenant. Covenant soldiers are more agile attackers, with lots of ranged weapons, whereas the Flood contain a greater percentage of tough, fast warriors that want to close to melee range with you and your four friends.

Flood Firefight was beta tested last year, but never rolled out the mode officially—due to concerns about the AI's behavior. So it seems like we'll finally see a proper zombies mode in some 10-year-old Halo releases, of all games, in the year 2022.

Good spot, PCGN.

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