Living Dark is a neo-noir, procedural narrative adventure from Dean Hall's RocketWerkz

DayZ creator Dean Hall left Bohemia Interactive in late 2014 to found his own studio, RocketWerkz. Earlier this year, its first major project—the ambitious Ion, in partnership with Improbable—was cancelled, before Hall announced a new Early Access venture named Stationeers

Behind the scenes, the developer has been working on another project named Living Dark, which has now been officially unveiled with a trailer.   

Named 'Making Weather', here's that:

"Fight for friends, factions or your own future, but survive at all costs in a society where justice is only for the powerful," so reads a blurb on the game's newly launched website. "Explore dense, diverse open environments in a myriad of playstyles. Forge critical bonds then confront demanding choices—against the darkness of the city, your decisions make all the difference. A neo-noir adventure driven by a procedural narrative, Living Dark is yours to define."

With that, Living Dark is said to connect everything with a relationship system that influences the behaviour of "every character in the city". Procedurally generated storylines will create multiple endings and narrative offshoots, where allegiances will evolve and collapse against your behaviour within the world. 

Most interestingly, and this does sound ambitious, Living Dark reckons that as you "grow your city heritage", your choices will shape the history and future of the world you live in, and its civilians. More on that will be revealed shortly, reckons one of its developers, Niber, whose blog on keeping the project under wraps till now makes for interesting reading.