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Little Devil Inside is a gorgeous survival RPG

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Roughly two-thirds of all new games are Early Access and/or Kickstarter survival-RPGs.* Of them, some offer the harrowing realisation that we're all just an apocalypse away from total societal collapse. Some posit the notion that it's man, not beast, that is the true monster. Some just have lots of dinosaurs. Little Devil Inside is one of the relatively few that attempts to look totally charming and beautiful.

Little Devil Inside is attempting to mix action, adventuring and survival, all into an RPG about "ordinary everyday life". The Kickstarter page offers more details:

"As in real life, where a hard week's work is rewarded by a relaxing or refreshing weekend, we wanted to create a world and provide elements within it where you can return back to town (or your home) after an adventurous mission to regather and reequip - a definite environmental contrast. Unlike some other survival games, there will be a home town or city to return to and rest and prepare for your next mission."

It's a fantastical world, but one where you set the pace of the adventure and exploration. And while there will be missions, the developers say you'll be free to venture out on your own, meeting and hiring new characters along the way.

The Kickstarter campaign has currently raised almost AUD$140,000 of the AUD$250,000 total. The campaign will end on May 25. For more details, you can also visit Little Devil Inside's Greenlight page.

*This isn't even remotely true.

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