Lisa trailer contains post-apocalyptic cycling, long moustaches


Here is a trailer for the side-scrolling RPG LISA, which successfully did the business on Kickstarter at the end of last year. While watching it, you will see a post-apocalyptic cyclist, a beastman throwing a small animal at a dilapidated refrigerator, and "a sea of dipshits and perverts".

Video games.

"Lisa is a quirky side-scrolling RPG set in a post apocalyptic wasteland," explains Lisa's Greenlight page. "Beneath the charming and funny exterior is a world full of disgust and moral destruction. Players will learn what kind of person they are by being FORCED to make choices. These choices permanently effect the game play. If you want to save a party member from death, you will have to sacrifice the strength of your character. Whether it's taking a beating for them, or losing limbs in a Yakuza style apology, or some other inhuman way. You will learn that in this world being selfish and heartless is the only way to survive..."

Another trailer? Another trailer:

Thanks, TIGSource.

Phil Savage

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