Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is making the utterly bizarre decision to lock New Game+ behind a $15 upgrade

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When it comes to trying to experience everything a sprawling hundred-hour RPG has to offer, New Game+ can often be an essential tool for running through a game a second or third time without causing too much psychological damage. Some games, like the Persona series, even require a NG+ run if you want the full completionist adventure.

It makes it all the more baffling, then, that Sega's upcoming Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is locking its New Game+ mode behind its Deluxe and Ultimate editions, which cost an extra $15 and $40 on top of the base game respectively. This is a series which, traditionally, has had its own features locked behind a NG+ run such as the legendary difficulty mode.

Specifically, NG+ is being folded into the 'Master Vacation Bundle' which isn't included with the game's base version. According to the game's official website the bundle also includes a bonus dungeon, special sujimon (from a Pokémon-like mode), resort guests, outfits "and more." 

Frustratingly, none of these specifics are included on the game's Steam page. It lists out each edition and what bundles you get for them, but fails to detail what's included in each one. That means if you're just going by the Steam page it's perfectly reasonable to assume that a series which has traditionally included NG+ for no extra price would, in fact, have it in its standard edition.

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It feels a little rancid to me to have such a basic feature require at least a $15 upgrade in order to have. Sure, you get a couple of other goodies for the pleasure, but they're considerably more optional in nature. 

Of course, there's still the chance that this is some rather confusing wording on Sega's part. But considering one eagle-eyed Redditor noticed the situation about a month back and got in touch to be told that yep, this is legit, I'm not too confident. Regardless, I've asked Sega for clarification about the situation, and I'll update this article if I hear anything back.

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