How to complete the Hidden One's Challenge in Like a Dragon Gaiden

Like a Dragon Gaiden Hidden One's Challenge - Boy in alleyway
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The Hidden One's Challenge is one of the more complicated odd jobs that you'll undertake for the Akame Network in Like a Dragon Gaiden. This one sees you challenging a small child to a long-winded game of hide 'n seek, as you use his riddles to suss out his location in the winding streets of Sotembori and Shofukucho. 

While some of the riddles are easier than others, the first one is especially cryptic, so if you don't want to spend your time trawling the streets in hopes of spotting the kid, I can help you out. Here's how to complete the three Hidden One's Challenge odd jobs.

The Hidden One's Challenge

When you first find this kid marked with an exclamation mark as an odd job near Akame's hideout, he'll pose you a riddle and challenge you to find him:

  • I'm in a place where the far away can whisper in your ear. But hurry now before they all disappear!

The answer to this one is a phone booth at the south-west corner of Shofukucho by a car park. You can find the kid hiding just behind it, so speak to him to start the next step.

The Hidden One's Revenge

Once again, the kid poses you a riddle and runs off to his next hiding spot:

  • This time it won't be so easy! Hmm, maybe in an alley will do, but what's that smell? Something crispy and of the sea, I'm suddenly craving… Takoyaki!

The answer to this one is, of course, the Kukuru Takoyaki stand on E Sotenbori Street in the far north-east corner of the map. You'll spot the kid in an alley just off to the side of the store. Speak to him to start the final challenge.

The Hidden One's Last Stand

This time the kid gives you the last riddle and runs off again:

  • Now I'm pullin' out all the stops, I can even hide inside the shops. So come here to wash your clothes all clean, but don't forget to visit the snack machine!

This last location is the laundromat in Ashitaba Park. This isn't actually a store marked on the map, but it's right next door to Wanpark Clothier so isn't difficult to find. Head through the door and look to your right to spot the kid hiding next to the bin.

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