Lifeless Planet aims to put "adventure" back in "action-adventure"

I hate getting my hopes up only to have them brutally dashed against overwhelming odds, but sometimes I can't help it. Case in point: Lifeless Planet. Based on the creator's description and trailer, it's a game I'd kill to play. Luckily, that won't be necessary, as Kickstarter isn't powered by any sort of human sacrifices (that I know of). Instead, you need only drop a few coins into the project's hat, and you'll even be generously rewarded for your troubles.

So, what's the game about? In a nutshell, it takes place in a universe where humanity's taken to the stars, and one astronaut stumbles across what he assumes to be an uninhabited planet - which sort of goes with the whole "lifeless" territory. Before long, though, he stumbles across the abandoned remains of a Russian civilization. That's right: space Russians . Here, though, is the part that really sold me on the project:

"The goal of Lifeless Planet is to put the 'adventure' back in 'action-adventure,'" wrote creator David Board. "I grew up loving games like Out of this World, The Dig, and ICO, and I want to create a gaming experience in the spirit of those classic adventure games."

That, of course, sounds like a breath of fresh air in a sea of games that don't let you take two steps without causing some sort of explosion-based genocide. Better still, if all goes according to plan (read: people contribute enough money), Board hopes to have the game finished in "under a year." More specifically, July 2012 seems to be the goal.

So then, if you're feeling generous, why not contribute a few bucks? Honestly, the Kickstarter rewards pretty much justify the cost of entry all on their own, and it's for - in my opinion - an extremely good cause. So get to it. Mother Space Russia needs you.