Save £100 on this 31.5-inch IPS 1440p LG monitor

LG 32QN600-B
(Image credit: LG)

Monitors keep getting bigger and bigger, and for those of us whose first PC gaming experiences were on a 14in CRT goldfish bowl at 320x240 that’s a really good thing. We know someone who has a 43in 4K monitor on his desk just inches away from his nose in a way that is both likely to ruin his eyesight and looks like it’s about to fall on him. But that’s graphic designers for you.

Moving on, this bargain LG screen (which goes by the snappy name of the 32QN600-B) is available from Laptops Direct for £229.97, surely the site should change it's name?

LG 32QN600-B IPS 1440p | £329.97 229.97 from Laptops Direct

LG 32QN600-B IPS 1440p | £329.97 229.97 from Laptops Direct
This 31.5-inch screen is great for anyone looking to upgrade from a 1080p panel on a budget. It may lack the high-refresh shenanigans of more expensive screens, but it'll still serve you well for normal gaming. The IPS panel boasts vibrant colours and great viewing angles, and right now is £100 off.

Those 31.5 inches are a very decent slice of desktop real estate, and the QHD resolution means you’ll have enough pixels to do it justice. It’s an IPS panel, with an E-LED backlight, and slightly skimps on the inputs, with one HDMI (according to Laptops Direct - LG’s site says it has two, both 1.4) and one DisplayPort 1.2. 

There’s a headphone out, Freesync, and the whole thing is topped off with HDR10. Some would sneer that it’s ‘only’ 60Hz... but how many FPS do you want, anyway? It’s not like any of us have the RTX 3080s we ordered.

LG’s been making some pretty nice screens lately, and its CX range of OLEDs regularly top lists of the best TVs for gaming. This isn’t quite up to those standards, but then it’s a fifth of the price thanks to this deal.