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Legion TD 2 launch trailer showcases competitive, team-based tower defense action

Legion TD is a very popular mod for Warcraft 3 that also happens to be very old, having originally been released in 2009. Which is why the people behind it went to Kickstarter last year to seek support for the creation of a standalone sequel, Legion TD 2. They got the money—more than $66,000—and on November 20, you'll get the game. 

Legion TD 2 is a multiplayer tower defense game in which two teams of four players each defend opposite sides of a symmetrical map against hordes of AI attackers. Whichever side holds out the longest, wins—a simple concept that's obviously not so simply in execution. Instead of placing towers as in a conventional tower defense game, you'll deploy soldiers who will automatically move, attack, cast spells, and otherwise do their best to fight off the attacking enemies.

At the end of each round, your surviving soldiers will be restored to full health, and you'll be granted gold to spend on more troops—but each successive wave will be stronger than the last, so you'll need to plan carefully and ensure your fighters are arrayed in proper formations if you want to hold the line. 

The Early Access release will have more than 100 unique characters across four distinct "Legions," with player profiles, ladders, leaderboards, achievements, and a promise of "frequent content and balance updates." The Steam listing has the details, and there's a webpage you can dive into at

Andy Chalk
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