Legends of Eisenwald DLC "Road to Iron Forest" is now on Steam

Legends of Eisenwald

The medieval RPG Legends of Eisenwald came out over the summer and despite some shortcomings and silly bits, it was actually pretty good. At the time, there was no clear plan for the future of the game; developer Aterdux Entertainment said it would continue to fix bugs, but additional content would depend entirely on sales. Yet even though the game still hasn't broken even, according to a studio rep, the first DLC release, Road to Iron Forest, is now on Steam.

Road to Iron Forest adds a new map area to Legends of Eisenwald and a new storyline, tacking on an estimated 4-5 hours of play. It's also going to be more difficult than the original game, although Aterdux is currently in the process of toning down the defenses of one particularly stubborn castle. It's the first of a minimum three planned DLC releases, and to that end the studio is also now offering a Legends of Eisenwald season pass, which will cover all extra content released for the game until the end of summer 2016.

"We plan one more DLC relatively soon, maybe even within November. And another one will be after the ew year for sure—we already have a map," Aterdux CEO Alexander Dergay explained. "We promised three because one is done, the second one is about 80-90% done and we have a map for a third one, plus one more almost-made map."

Road to Iron Forest is $5 and the season pass is $15, so obviously how much of deal that is will depend entirely on how the DLC situation unfolds beyond the third release. Kickstarter backers will get the DLC at no charge; it was originally only offered at the $35 tier or higher but the studio said on the Steam forums that it will be given to all backers, regardless of their pledge. Unfortunately, plans to distribute it automatically didn't work out, so you'll have to manually request a key here.

For those who prefer it, Legends of Eisenwald is also now available on GOG, and is in fact on sale for $20 until November 11.

Andy Chalk

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