Left Alive story trailer sets up a tale of warfare in the 22nd century

Square Enix's action survival shooter left Left Alive, a return to the world of Front Mission being developed by "an all-star team of Armored Core and Metal Gear veterans," didn't leave much of a positive impression when we took a look at it in September. It was still fairly early along in the development process at the time, to be fair, although "it doesn’t just look unfinished, it looks uninspired," we wrote.   

But there was enough to it to inspire hope that the talent pool making the game could pull it into something genuinely impressive by the time it launches, which Square Enix announced today will happen on March 5, 2019. The Day One Edition of the game is available for pre-purchase on Steam for $60/£45/€60, and includes the Destructive DLC Pack (ammo pack, light body armor, recovery pack, and an exclusive Padub weapon), a digital soundtrack sampler, and and five wallpapers.  

Left Alive's story, laid out in that new trailer up above, seems to substantiate that "uninspired" assessment: Political power shifts from nation states to economic blocs, technology evolves but humanity's ability to use it responsibly does not, there's a fight, and now a brave cadre of defenders must hold out against an overwhelmingly superior force. The tale will be told from the perspectives of three different characters, and unfold along multiple story paths, "each requiring bold decisions with desperate consequences." 

"Experience the massive power gap between man and machine in pulse-pounding encounters: face off against powerfully armed troops, armored vehicles and towering mechs," the Steam listing says. "Choose your playing style: engage in frenetic gun battles or dispatch your enemies with stealth and wit. Set traps, collect and craft consumables to survive while exploring a devastated city ravaged by the atrocities of war." 

March is still five months away, and honestly I wouldn't be surprised if we see a delay between now and then—not that I have any real reason to expect one, it's just how things are these days. Either way, you can find out more about what Left Alive has in store at left-alive.com

Andy Chalk

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