Leeroy Jenkins turns 12 today, so let's share our most embarrassing MMO moments

It was 12 years ago today that one of the most notorious gaming videos of all time screamed 'Leerooooooy Jeeeenkins' into our homes. The story of Leeroy, who charged into an ill-advised battle crying his name and dooming his guildmates to slaughter, has been shared and remixed so many times it has become one of World of Warcraft's canon legends. 

Leeroy doesn't need much introduction, though, so to celebrate the anniversary of that botched battle we want to hear your best (that is to say, worst) World of Warcraft and MMO stories in the comments—raids gone terribly wrong, guild infighting, embarrassing screw ups.

(As an example, our own Steven Messner was once kicked out of an EVE Online corporation because he didn't know he needed to turn on his ship's defense modules and kept dying. Steven.)

We'll collect the best and funniest stories and put them into a new post down the line, an archive of accidents, tactical incompetence, and petty arguments for the ages. We'll throw a few of our own stories into the comments below, and we hope you join in!

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