Leaked Assassin's Creed IV trailer shows swimming, stabbing, Blackbeard's rotten teeth

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag doesn't officially exist until sometime tomorrow, of course, but that hasn't stopped posters and boxart and now a trailer emerging ahead of time, falling from Ubisoft's leaky seafaring vessel like a belaboured pirate metaphor. The following trailer is the latest and probably the last thing to come out ahead of time, a sadly gameplay-free video which nevertheless confirms there will be pirates, rum, carefully disguised nudity, and a delinquent hoodie going around stabbing everyone.

There's not too much to be gleaned from this video, though the presence of underwater swimming makes me hopeful we'll be able to explore the seabed in-game. Also, does hero Thingy Kenway really need four pistols? Is this a hint he'll be able to fire guns with his feet, Bayonetta-style? Undoubtedly yes.

Check back tomorrow for our preview. In the meantime, Blackbeard wants to tell you a little story...

(Via PCGamesN )

Tom Sykes

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