League of Legends to divide European servers to improve login times

League of Legends server map thumb

Several of us in the PC Gamer UK office have been trying to get into League of Legends recently, but have found ourselves batted away by lengthy queues that forced us to wait for up to 20 minutes to play. It's evidently a widespread problem, as Riot Games have just announced that they're going to split European servers into two camps, EU West and EU Nordic & East.

In a post on the League of Legends site , picked up by Eurogamer , Riot representative, Pendragon says "we've been working on an action plan to drastically reduce the amount of service impacting issues affecting our European platform."

"Presently, the PvP.net service in Europe is supporting hundreds of thousands summoners playing League of Legends at any given time – orders of magnitude bigger than what a typical massively multiplayer environment supports!" he exclaims.

"For these reasons, we have been making preparations to split our European service onto two new platforms: EU West and EU Nordic & East. Once this split is complete, your summoner will only be accessible on the platform that you've landed on. Each of these platforms will be able to support the same number of players as the current European environment, dramatically increasing our service quality."

"We want to reduce lengthy login queues at peak hours, eliminate our reliance on New York based overflow servers, and drastically reduce the number of unexpected server outages," he adds.

"We did our best to avoid separating groups of friends, but if you should find yourself unsatisfied with your destination platform, we will be facilitating one free transfer between the two platforms following shortly after the split."

Riot Games have provided a handy map to show which regions which be supported by each of the new servers. There's no precise date for the switch over, but it should unfold within the coming weeks. For more information, check out the official Platform Split FAQ .

Tom Senior

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