League of Legends - Team Curse Interview

Maximum PC: What would be the team's biggest comeback moment?

Cop: Our match versus Good Game University (GGU). We had two Inhibitors down and they were hitting our Nexus (last structure) ready to finish the game. We ended up acing them (killing all of them) while they were trying to finish the Nexus and counter pushed for the win.

Maximum PC: Which team is the one to beat this season? And what makes them so difficult?

Elementz: The best team is probably Dignitas . They are a really good team, their communication is excellent and they have Crumbzz who is one of the best junglers in the game.

Team Curse does a meet-and-greet with its passionate fans.

Maximum PC: What’s more important: a great individual player or five solid players?

Elementz: This one is obvious: five solid players. This is a team game, communication is paramount. You are only as strong as your weakest link. Individual skill means nothing if you can’t coordinate and move around the map properly. That is why you see teams that are made up of very high Elo (ranked) players sometimes do horribly in tournaments.

Maximum PC: Do you guys ever troll (mess around) in non-competitive games? If so, what antics have you guys gotten away with?

Elementz: Sometimes when you want to relax after a long day of scrimming, you get to play some fun unorthodox champions that are fun to play. Sometimes those fun games turn into amazing strategies that we use in our professional games. You never know. One of my favorite compositions is Cassopeia support and Singed on bot lane...it's so strong!

Professional gaming at the top level is serious work.

Maximum PC: This is situational, but in general, if you guys kill all members of the enemy team (known as "ace"), is it a better idea to use that time and destroy turrets or kill Baron and go for the Baron buff? I’ve personally felt that going for Baron has cost me many-a-game.

Saint: This is highly situational it depends on so many different things. It depends on oracle control, the health bars, death timers, how many towers you already have, if you have inhibitors or not, the minion lanes and where they are pushed, item builds, and how many players are left after the ace. With all of that being said, if you can get inhibs - typically it is better than Baron. In most solo-queue games, teams will overextend at the enemy base trying to pick up an inhib and over-stay and then they will get re-aced. It’s always best to take small-bite advantages. When you get greedy and overextend, it almost always backfires.

Maximum PC: Let’s say you’re pitted up against an unknown enemy team in a tournament. Which three characters would you ban and why?

Cop: This is way too hard to answer. It depends on the meta, the patch, red or blue side. In this hypothetical imaginary situation, I guess we would ban some of the more overpowered champions. At the moment that would be Tryndamere, Xin Zhao and Kayle . Tryndamere because he can fully heal himself with his Q which is on a four-second cool down. Xin because his ganks are godlike and he can tank tower hits. Kayle because she dishes out so much damage and her ultimate can make or break team fights because you can save someone.

Team Curse shows off it's Cooler Master gear.

Maximum PC: What do you guys think of the other multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games like Dota 2 , HoN , and Smite ?

Voyboy: They don’t even compare to League. They will have their own loyal fan bases but League of Legends dominates them all. Riot games has made significant investments in eSports and ensuring that their games have more fans than all of those combined.

Maximum PC: Thanks for the time, guys. We'll certainly be routing for you this season.

Jimmy Thang
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