League of Legends pro squad Team Impulse is for sale

Team Impulse

Sat on a Brewster's Millions-style cash pile and no idea how to blow it fast? Maybe it's time to think about buying an esports team—like Team Impulse, for instance, which is now up for sale, along with its spot in the 2016 League of Legends Championship Series.

Team Impulse COO Alex Gu told GameSpot that thoughts of a sale first came up in September, but the decision wasn't made until last week. It follows a rough 2015 LCS season in which Team Impulse failed to qualify for the World Championships, finishing fourth at the LCS Summer Playoffs and falling to Cloud9 in the Regional Qualifier. The asking price isn't public, but the team hopes to get a deal done quickly so the new ownership can get things lined up—including the roster—in advance of the 2016 season.

"We want to shift the ownership from the team to a local investor ideally," a Team Impulse rep said in an email sent to Kotaku confirming the sale. "We are currently performing due diligence and having some conversations. We hope to announce a successful strategic transaction soon."

The rep said that more than 50 people have already "reached out," but if you're feeling deep-pocketed and want to take your own run at the bigs, you can express your interest via the contact link at teamimpulse.gg.

Andy Chalk

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