Bungie's Luke Smith says Destiny 2's PS4 exclusives will come to PC in 2018

We learned earlier this week at E3 that the PlayStation 4 version of Destiny 2 will have an exclusive Strike mission, a PvP map, armor sets, and an exotic weapon called the Borealis for at least a year before they're released for other platforms. Multiplayer.it (via Neptune Games) painted an even bleaker picture of the situation, however, when it quoted game director Luke Smith as saying that the PS4 exclusives would would "never" be released for other platforms. 

A year is a hell of a wait by any measure, but "never" is a whole different ballgame. Fortunately, the rumor is false. The report is "100 percent not true," a rep said. "Maybe [the meaning] was lost in the translation." 

Smith himself confirmed that the PS4-exclusive content will arrive on other platforms in a tweet:

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So there is light at the end of the tunnel, then—a somewhat distant light, yes, but that's better than pure blackness.  Speaking of which, it's amusing to see Smith also admitting that Bungie actually had no idea what 'The Darkness'—the nebulous antagonist from Destiny 1—was. I knew it!

For more coverage of Destiny 2, be sure to check out our own E3 interview with Luke Smith, in which he digs into topics including changes in the new game, post-launch support, and the challenges of bringing the formerly console-exclusive shooter to the PC. You can also see our version of Destiny 2 running in glorious 4K, 60 fps right here

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