League of Legends: Dominion beta windows opening soon

League of Legends Dominion mode

Eagerly awaiting League of Legends' new Dominion mode? Of course you are. Patience, though, is for losers. Also, saints. Fortunately, Riot's mega-hit MOBA is now sporting a "limited beta" of the much-anticipated addition, so you don't have to wait.

"Over the coming days, we'll be opening testing windows on our platforms during off-peak hours, each of which will be prefaced by a forum announcement to let you know you can and participate," wrote Riot on LoL's website . "And if you miss one of the testing windows, remember that there will be plenty more opportunities to help test Dominion as we speed toward launch!"

So there you have it. And since this is a beta, Dominion's full release is just around the corner. Excited? You should be.