League of Legends dev video analyses latest patch

League of Legends thumb

League of Legends' Lead Champion designer has sat down with community team members to make a video discussing the latest patch, explaining the balance changes and alterations that Riot Games have made to the heroes. The video is below.

Riot Games Lead Champion Designer Ryan Scott set about answering questions from community team members Tamat and Phreak concerning the recent patch that was applied on January 4th. Topics discussed include the buffs applied to a number of heroes in the game and the thinking behind changes to the new hero, Cassiopeia.

In a game as competitive as League of Legends, it's useful to know what the developers were thinking when they change the stats and abilities of your favourite champion. Hopefully we'll see more videos like this for future patches to the game. For more on the free-to-play strategy title, check out the League of Legends site.

Tom Senior

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