League of Legends comic roundup: Godlike!


I can't help it—I love me some League of Legends , and it seems that I am not alone. Part of what makes Riot Games' MOBA so great is the variety of its characters, and how iconic they are—so iconic, in fact, that they've inspired heaps of fan art, most of which is (surprisingly) grade-A quality. Usually quickly lost on the LoL message boards among pages of complaints about Magma Chamber and other trolololing, I recently found two websites dedicated to collecting great LoL fan art. It was kind of like exploring a Pharaoh's tomb, albeit one filled with Teemo comics instead of preserved organs. I've put together some samples of the best artists and cartoonists out there, with links to archives of their LoL-inspired work.

Now, you may recognize some of these from past LoL Summoner Showcase episodes—but only if you were paying super close attention. The rest of you are in for a treat of grandiose proportions. The sampler below is put together mostly from The League of Legends Fan Site , but Demacian Comics is another great alternative. There's much more than what's shown here, so I encourage you to browse around the gallery and see what else you can find.


This is what sparked my LoL art-quest: after reading Chopstyx 's 19-page comic depicting an intense 5v5, two incredible things happened. One, I got a craving for more great LoL artwork, and two, I viewed Fiddlesticks in a whole new light: what once was nub has now been made awesome. If epic mini-storylines aren't your bag, you should at least be able to appreciate Chopstyx's excellent one-panel comics instead.

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Check out more artwork by Chopstyx


Wow. If I ever get rich and commission fan art to frame on my wall for hundreds of dollars, it'll definitely be drawn by Katertot . Once you fully comprehend her artistic mastery, you realize that there's another layer to Katertot's genius: Gentleman Cho'Gath and Sona are exactly the kind of guests one would want at a tea-party.

Check out more artwork by Katertot


Warning: gazing at TOIIIHOTA 's concept art may send you spiraling into a deep depression, caused by knowing that his skin designs don't actually exist in the game (at least, not yet). Riot Games needs to hire him (or her) immediately, based solely on the champion designs and skin ideas on display here. I also highly recommend TOIIIHOTA's comic strips, especially the Red Riding Hood vs Warwick one.

Check out more champion designs by TOIIIHOTA

Check out more comics by TOIIIHOTA


I never thought Nunu was intimidating—until I saw him as depicted by Wangwang . The yeti-rider's decked out his pal with some sweet bling, including a Banshee's Veil, Regrowth Pendant, and a Sapphire Crystal. And mourn for the champs that Nunu's (literally) got under his belt; Blitzcrank, Pantheon, Mundo, and Singed have definitely seen better days.

Check out more artwork by Wangwang


With the exception of Teemo, champions never looked this cute before Duetlol hit the scene. Who doesn't love chibi representations of their favorite champs (and still has a soul)? If you're not into super-deformed Japanese-style cuteness, perhaps you'll appreciate LeBlanc instead.

Check out more artwork by Duetlol


Lastly, I leave you all with the work of a forum legend: Omnibus . Ever wanted to see what the Troll or Card Crusher faces look like when they're expressed by your favorite champions? Omnibus can make your sick dreams a reality.

Check out more artwork by Omnibus