League of Legends cinematic A New Dawn shows six minutes of champion murder


I can say with a good degree of confidence that you don't need to be a League of Legends fan to appreciate the surprisingly brutal six-minute cinematic A New Dawn. I'm almost as confident that if you are a non-fan, you'll be at least slightly more interested in the game after watching the video than you were before.

I myself stand among the ranks of those who don't play League of Legends, and yet I watched this video twice, from start to finish, compelled by its impressive attention to detail and occasionally remarkable viciousness. I suppose this technically qualifies as a spoiler, so consider yourself warned, but it's essentially a series of brutal murders for reasons I can't quite fathom other than, "They were there."

Riot doesn't have a whole lot more to say about it on the New Dawn page , which offers some really nice wallpapers featuring concept art and screen caps. "Following A Twist of Fate, we created A New Dawn to explore fleshed-out champion interpretations and brutal team fights in ways they've never been seen before," it says. Somewhat more informative regarding the motivations behind the effort is a " behind the scenes" video that's very entertaining in its own right.

"The goal of this particular piece is, we wanted to dive into the League of Legends universe with a bigger, more diverse cast," Rylan "Riotsilverfox" Davies says in the video. "I think it's just about fleshing things out, like, who are these characters, what is the world really like that they live in? When you play the game, you get a very small piece of a much broader story that we want to tell."

I know this trailer has absolutely nothing to do with what League of Legends is actually like, but even so I can't deny that it gave me an itch to dig into it a little deeper. Anyone else?

Andy Chalk

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