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Latest Red Orchestra 2 screens show Russian winter warfare

Red Orchestra 2 thumb

New screenshots have emerged of Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, showing the Russian and German forces warring in blasted warehouses and cold Soviet cityscapes. Tripwire's sequel will let players play as the Germans as well as the Ruskies, and will add many more features, including a cover mechanic and a co-op campaign. You'll find all of the screens embedded below.

The images show three maps from the game, Red October, Fallen Fighters and Commissar's House. Players will be able earn ranks, medals and abilities as they progress, and will be fighting across historically accurate battlefields taken in Stalingrad and the banks of the Volga. The game's due out next year, for more information, check out the Red Orchestra 2 site. Here are the images, click to make them massive.

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