Last Man Sitting is a daft physics game about firing rocket launchers from your office chair

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Last Man Sitting blew up on Reddit last month (opens in new tab) with a gif showing men in office chairs firing shotguns and ragdolling across the room. Now the game has a full trailer, above, and a playable version is due to come out next month. The mix of serious men in suits (they remind me of Agent 47), green office chairs and explosions looks completely daft, and I reckon it'll be fun to play. 

Your bum is glued to the office chair, and the only way to move is via the recoil of your gun, which sends you sliding and flipping backwards. There will be shotguns and rocket launchers, giant footballs, flying desks and physics that throw you from your chair when you die. Basically, it's a recipe for chaos (and a veritable gif heaven).

Two modes are planned: a team deathmatch and a last-man-standing mode (people are calling it battle royale, but it's only a handful of players at a time). It will be out first on and Steam, designer Kevin Suckert says on the game's subreddit (opens in new tab). Expect some sort of playable testing period first.

From the looks of the various gifs on Suckert's (opens in new tab) Twitter page, you'll be able to play in a number of maps and sit on different seats. Check out the festive take on the formula below, and keep an eye out for more.

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