Lakeview Cabin Collection's new episode set in the murdery suburbs

Lakeview Cabin Collection

Episodic slasher movie cum knockabout sandbox survival game Lakeview Cabin has a new chapter out. It's set in a sleepy suburban neighbourhood, and like all sleepy suburban neighbourhoods worth their salt, it's playing host to an unkillable serial killer.

"This time the Lakeview Cabin series takes a mysterious turn," developer Roope Tamminen reveals in a Steam announcement. "An unkillable evil is stalking the teens in a quiet suburban neighborhood. It is up to you to get rid of the curse and find out what is happening by solving a series of obscure puzzles. Do you have what it takes?"

Well, do you? If you own The Lakeview Cabin Collection, then this new episode is already yours. If you don't, you can buy the collection on Steam and Humble for 25% less than the norm, for the next couple of days.

Tom Sykes

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