Kylo Ren returns as Matt the radar tech in this spoof Star Wars Battlefront 2 mod

If "Darth Vader in Pink" isn't your thing, then allow me to direct your attention to another amusing mod. Kylo Ren, commander of Starkiller Base, Vader-esque bad guy of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, and Star Wars Battlefront 2 hero character, takes on an entirely different (but no less malevolent) persona in this mod called Matt: The Radar Technician. 

Matt was introduced a couple of years ago in a Saturday Night Live skit based on the Undercover Boss television series. In the show, managers at big companies take on low-level jobs using fake identities in order to learn what people in the workforce really think about their jobs (and, more to the point, their bosses). Naturally, the master of the Dark Side has some trouble maintaining his entry-level tech persona, but in the end, valuable lessons are learned, and deep and enduring connections are made. 

The mod doesn't dig into that angle, obviously—there are no snappy exchanges with oblivious loudmouths from the 501st in Battlefront 2—but it is a convincing recreation of the look. The mod works in the Battlefront 2 arcade mode, and can be had from Nexus Mods.   

And here's what got it all started. 

Thanks, Kotaku.

Andy Chalk

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