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Knights Of The Old Republic remake reportedly in development at Aspyr

Knights Of The Old Republic key art
(Image credit: LucasArts)

A remaster of the venerable Star Wars RPG Knights Of The Old Republic is in the works, Bloomberg's Jason Schreier disclosed earlier this week.

Schreier broke the news while guesting on the MinnMax podcast (via Eurogamer), confirming that Aspyr is developing the KOTOR remake. The studio had previously ported KOTOR to iOS, and recently brought older Star Wars games like Republic Commando, Episode 1 Racer and the Jedi Knight series to Switch.

But while Aspyr has largely focused on ports and small modernisations, Schreier suggests that this may be a full remake. Whether this means simply upscaling assets or going all-in with new models, textures and shaders remains to be seen.

Rumours of a KOTOR revival have been making the rounds for some time. EA were thought to have greenlit a sequel last year, one that would bring the first two games in line with the current canon. 

Andy K recently revisited KOTOR in the wake of The Mandalorian's second season, finding it a refreshing break from a franchise currently obsessed with its own mythology. In 2018, Lucasfilm shut down a promising fan-made KOTOR reboot built in Unreal Engine 4.

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